The Culture Collections No.8

Each collection combining things we love from the world of art, design, music, film, and everything else in between!


Cow House Studios
Cow House Studios is an artist-run school and residency in the farmland of County Wexford, Ireland. This setting provides authentic and inspirational backdrops while facilitating progressive practices for residency artists and students  — Visit

The Pop Art Nun
Corita Kent was an artist, educator, and social justice advocate. Incorporating advertising images, slogans, pop lyrics, biblical verses and literature, her work drew international acclaim in the 1960’s and still very much resonates today — Look

Beck: Hyperspace
Listening to Beck’s latest album, it struck me how much of a fan I was back in the ’90s. Even though this is very much a modern version of the artist and his music, there are hints of nostalgia too. Brilliant as usual from Mr. Hansen— Listen

Turf & Grain
A magazine that believes everyone has a story or thought that can teach us something and broaden our perspective. It shares these stories, and highlights the amazing things that people are doing across the Island of Ireland— Read

The Possibilities are Endless
This incredibly moving documentary recounts singer-songwriter Edwyn Collins’ recovery from a stroke in 2005. Innovative and experimental, the film reflects Collins’ struggle to regain memories, knowledge and language — Watch

20 Best Novels of the Decade
It’s that time of the year again, when annual ‘Best of’ lists are released. But as we reach the end of the decade, they take on a greater significance. Here’s a best novels list for you to peruse and maybe inspire some Christmas gift ideas — Read

Question Everything: Anthony Burrill
Anthony Burrill is an English graphic artist renowned for his typographic posters made with wood type and the letterpress. Here he talks about his process while creating works for the inaugural Harewood House Biennial — Watch

The 10/20/30 Rule
Guy Kawasaki is a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business. Here he outlines his 10/20/30 rule that will ensure your slideshow presentations are always concise, visible and engaging — Learn

This has been my go-to productivity app since late last year. I honestly don’t know how I got anything done before that time! Make quick daily to-do lists, plot project progression, create spreadsheets and manage databases. All this and more in one tool — Visit

Loribelle Spirovski
Spirovsky combines traditional methods with experimental techniques, drawing on surrealism and photorealism in a single painting. Her work is a mix of studied, formal portraiture with a frenetic, jumpy line, and touches of semi-abstraction — Look

Brian Byrne is a graphic designer and founder of Lands.
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