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AD Practice Guide

Architects Declare (AD) was formed in the UK in 2019, as a declaration of Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, after the IPCC’s 2018 report. AD is both a public declaration of the planet’s environmental crises and a commitment to take urgent action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse. As of October 2021, 1,155 UK practices are signed up to UK Architects Declare, and over 7,000 companies in 27 countries worldwide have declared a Climate and Biodiversity emergency.

We were asked to design the AD Practice Guide which aims to help signatories convert their declaration into meaningful action and build momentum within their practice.

The guide is divided into two parts—Part One is a practice roadmap to help signatories transition from standard practice towards a more regenerative culture. Part Two signposts and compiles best practice guidance from a wide range of sources into one consolidated location—making it easier for practitioners to meet each of the AD commitments.

Client: Architects Declare UK
Sector: Environmental/Non-Profit
Project Type: Book Design
Printing: Seacourt Print
Completed: 2021