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Ana Dorado

Ana Dorado is a photographer, educator and mentor based in County Kildare. She is passionate about photographing quality, hand-crafted products and collaborating with the people that make them. Through her work, Ana inspires creators and makers to see the beauty in the things they create.

The visual identity is built around a sans serif logotype and icon. The icon is a monogram of sorts— a combination of simple geometric shapes derived from Ana’s initials, ‘A’ and ‘D’. Its technical look and quality reflect Ana’s meticulous and precise approach to her work. The icon can be used in isolation as a graphical device or in several different configurations with the logotype.

The colour palette is derived from a particular emphasis on blue and yellow tones in some of Ana’s work. It was developed and refined to enhance the core elements and bring the identity to life across all applications.

Client: Ana Dorado UK
Sector: Commercial
Project Type: Strategy + Visual Identity
Completed: 2021