We see design as an opportunity — to share our expertise, do great work and help you succeed in whatever it is you do. It’s also an opportunity for us to learn, grow and develop as a studio. Design is a collaborative process and creating meaningful work that works for you is impossible without learning about you first. Your story is the starting point and luckily we‘re good listeners!

We’ve developed an approach that makes it easy for you to tell us that story. The aim is to distil the information and gather an insight into your business. This process can open up all sorts of creative possibilities, resulting in work that is unique to you and your brand — see below.

1. Strategy

Design, in essence, is the solution to a particular problem and we need to understand that problem before we can find the solution. So we begin with a collaborative discovery session to gain a fundamental understanding of your business. Through a structured, facilitated framework, we find out about you and your business.

2. Direction

The information collected in this session is compiled into a comprehensive brand document. This is the guiding document for your new brand, it provides you with a clear vision of who you are, what you do, why you do it and who you do it for. It’s also the basis for all aesthetic decisions moving forward.

3. Design

Taking our cue from the brand document a number of broad visual directions are explored. Together we narrow down the options and decide which direction best fits your brand. This approach allows you to be involved in the design process from an early stage and it builds consensus as we move forward in the process.

4. Identity

The chosen direction is developed further and crafted into your finished identity — a comprehensive visual representation of your brand. This unique graphic language is delivered in a coherent manner across all customer touchpoints, building brand awareness, differentiating you from competitors and helping you to achieve growth.

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