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IEN Agriculture and Food Policy

The Irish Environmental Network (IEN) is a network of individual environmental Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that work individually and, as appropriate, jointly to protect and enhance the environment, and to place environmental issues centre stage in Ireland and internationally. The IEN works to promote the interlinked principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability. In representing the environment its Members represent a common good and not self interest.

In this paper, we – the Environmental Pillar, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, and the Sustainable Water Network – set out their policy recommendations for the Government that would deliver much needed change in Irish agriculture policy. It provides a foundation for a deeper discussion on what a new model of agriculture for Ireland could look like – a model that works within the ecological parameters essential to a healthy society, economy and planet.

Client: IEN
Sector: Non-Profit
Project Type: Publication Design
Completed: 2021