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John Redmond 100

John Edward Redmond MP (1856—1918), was an Irish Nationalist and the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. He aimed to secure home rule for Ireland. As a result of the general election in 1910, Redmond secured the passage of the Third Home Rule bill through Westminster but the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 delayed its introduction. Support for Redmond declined rapidly after the 1916 Rising and he died on March 6th, 1918.

In March 2018 in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of his death a series of events were held in his home town of Wexford. This included a specially commissioned exhibition, walking tours, seminar and a civic wreath-laying ceremony at the family mausoleum in St. John’s Cemetery in Wexford, where he is buried.

The commemorative publication is an A5 tri-fold design printed on uncoated stock. It’s illustrated with striking portraits of Redmond, taken at three different stages in his life and a photograph of the Redmond Monument in Wexford. We secured permission for their use from the National Library of Ireland and the British Library.

Client: Wexford Library Service
Sector: Cultural
Project Type: Publication Design
Printing: C+R Print
Completed: 2018