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Lands, Graphic Design, Focus Ireland, Shine a Light Night, Poster

Shine a Light Night

Focus Ireland is a nonprofit organisation that provides services for people experiencing homelessness and people at risk of becoming homeless. Shine a Light Night is Focus Ireland’s annual flagship campaign where the business community come together for one night and to stand in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness in Ireland.

The primary objectives of the campaign are to highlight the problem of homelessness and to raise funds for the organisation. But Focus Ireland also believes the campaign offers much needed hope to the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in our society.

The idea of offering hope is at the core of the Shine a Light identity and is expressed through patterns of window light which are used to illuminate its many and varied elements. This illustrative device paired with bold, contemporary typography is used across all print and digital touchpoints ranging from e-tags and stickers to giant outdoor banners.

Client: Focus Ireland UK
Sector: Charitable
Project Type: Visual Identity
Printing: Doggett Print
Completed: 2018